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The Psychology Of Self-Motivation

The TED Talk "The Psychology Of Self-Motivation" by Scott Geller presents an engaging viewpoint on empowerment, self-motivation, and the value of community. I gained insightful knowledge from the discussion that goes beyond conventional wisdom.

The concept of empowerment is not just about getting things done efficiently but about feeling self-motivated. Three crucial questions can determine whether an individual feels empowered, be it a child, a student, or a worker. These questions—Can you do it? Will it work? Is it worth it? Encapsulate the essence of self-efficacy, response efficacy, and the motivational aspect of feeling competent.

The idea of competence struck a chord with me. It's not merely about completing tasks; it's about recognizing and appreciating one's abilities. Leaders and teachers inspire this sense of competence through feedback, recognition, and demonstrating an individual's capabilities.

The second C-word in The Psychology Of Self-Motivation is choice. Autonomy plays a crucial role in fostering self-motivation. The ability to perceive choice leads to a heightened sense of motivation. This resonated with me, prompting self-reflection on the choices I make in various aspects of life and how they contribute to my motivation.

The third C-word is Community. The power of social support cannot be understated. Feeling connected and having a sense of relatedness with others significantly influences motivation and overall happiness. Geller's call for moving from an independent culture to an interdependent one echoes the importance of collaboration and support in achieving shared goals. the poignant poem "The Cookie Thief" delves into the perspective of choices, assumptions, and community impact. The tale serves as a reminder to approach situations with an interdependent mindset, considering the actions and motivations of others.

One takeaway from the talk was the importance of being a success seeker rather than a failure avoider. The challenge is to shift our mindset to resonate with the idea that perceiving opportunities rather than obligations can lead to a more fulfilling and motivated life.

Reflecting on Geller's drum lessons story, I was reminded of the power of breaking down overwhelming tasks into manageable steps. It reinforced the idea that learning from each other, regardless of age or role, is a continuous process contributing to collective growth.

Inspiration and useful advice on fostering self-motivation, empowerment, and a sense of community may be found in Scott Geller's TED Talk. It serves as a reminder that the borders we frequently see are chances for development and cooperation rather than restrictions. On our adventures beyond borders, listeners are urged to accept competence, acknowledge choice, cultivate community, and aspire to be success seekers.


Parth Chauhan

Batch 2023-25

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