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Rishav Shaw (Organizer 2022-23)

TEDxIMTHyderabad was an extraordinary experience that has left an indelible mark on my life. I was fortunate to witness firsthand the power of ideas, the strength of community, and the transformative potential of a platform like TEDx. The journey was intense, requiring meticulous planning, tireless coordination, and unwavering dedication. Yet, every moment spent organizing the event was worth it. I am immensely grateful to have been a part of this extraordinary event. The impact it has had on me personally and the community at large is immeasurable.
TEDx brings the community together to share ideas and get a better knowledge of the world. We're only growing prouder as it becomes larger and better.
I wish the OC 2023–24 all the best with full faith that they will make it even more remarkable.

Neerati Luhariwal

I have had the privilege of witnessing the power of ideas and conversations that came alive on the stage.
EXCELSIOR was thoroughly enlightening as it illuminated in diverse genres.
The experience has been truly transformative. TEDx provides us with the platform to amplify the voices of those making a positive impact in our communities and has the power to change the world.
It has been an incredible journey of learning, growth and connection.

I wish OC 2023-2024 all the very best.

Anish Choudhary (Organizer 2021-22)

What amazes me the most is that even the world was at a still, TEDx was never off-guard. The brainstorming sessions, the creative ideas and the amazing team work that we showcased just Messmerize me. Whether it be the urge to get popular faces on screen or making the sponsor believe in us or checking upon the technicalities of the software, I have done it all. I can truly say, TEDxIMTHyderabad has given me a 360 degree experience and moments to cherish forever. 

I wish the OC 2022-23 all the best for their journey and have the trust that they are going to make it even more grand.

Rheeya Malhotra (Batch 2021-22)

"TEDx," I never knew that these four letters would have such a strong impact on me in these two years; being a part of TEDx has been the most rewarding experience. The sleepless nights to come up with the themes, topics, SM plans, roping in speakers, and putting together the whole event with the entire team online made us believe that with TED, anything was possible. We had the pleasure of hosting some of the brightest minds on our platform with "Velarium" and over the years as well to showcase the varied mindsets of people and their views on a vast plethora of topics, widening the audience's perspective at large. It is, and always will be, one of the most cherished memories, being a part of the Organizing Committee of Tedx.

Wishing the OC of 2023 all the very best and I'm sure they will do a fabulous job in taking our legacy forward.

Sanjana Satapathy (Organizer 2020-21) 

We've had so many brilliant minds up on stage during our past events. The only thing we wished to do differently or in addition to the TEDx talks was crowd participation and live discussions. We decided to start our own webinar series to keep conversations alive. The to and fro exchange of opinions were eye-openers on various levels. It’s been an absolute honour to interview and talk to personalities who shared the most intricate details about the segments like Luxury, Artificial intelligence etcetera. Interacting with these individuals was integral to understanding how they see the market, today's generation, and what makes them hopeful for tomorrow. Irrespective of what everyone does and their social presences, they are simply human beings who pick on the same clues as us to form their hypothesis of society and the world at large.


Mayank Khanna (Co-organizer 2020-21) 

Layers is a webinar series which not just exposed us to great personalities but to insights that equipped us with industry and career takeaways. The learnings were a positive domino effect, and the management required behind the curtains was quintessential in terms of professional growth. From covering, eminent personalities to entrepreneurs from path-breaking industries, we focused on imparting a wholesome experience for the viewers. 

The entire journey engulfed situations and experiences that were core to the TEDx ideology, i.e., ideas worth sharing. It was indeed an enlightening experience for people on both sides of the table.

Shuchi Tiwari (Batch 2018-19)

Being a part of one of the sought after events were truly rewarding. From our theme to our speakers, everyone just made it a journey worthwhile experiencing.

TEDx has shown me that if we don't mind spending so much of our lives on education, so why not the same to keep harbouring new ideas and learning about some? After all, we all have them!

Sajanthi (Batch 2018-19)

I can vividly recall one among the many 2 a.m. meetings we had, trying to figure out the best theme for the event. For days together, we had been struggling to find the right theme with focused discussions, and could not zero in on one. That night, we were joking about randomly putting topics together and how things needn't be perfect at all times. Ultimately, it was the 'chilled out' debate over chai that brought 'The Imperfect Blend' to life. :)

Janvhi Kewalramani (Batch 2018-19) 

It is the ideas that help build us something that remains as little fragments in our head, and it's the process of brainstorming that helps us improvise and act on it. Such was an experience for me being a member of TEDxIMTHyderabad. Events like these come with its own set of challenges and having a team that stands by the thought of spreading these ideas worth sharing with the world makes it all so memorable.

Shortened Version for Instagram. It is the ideas that help build us something that remains as little fragments in our head, and it's the process of brainstorming that helps us improvise and act on it. Such was an experience for me being a member of TEDxIMTHyderabad. Events like these come with their own set of challenges and having a team that stands by the thought of spreading these ideas worth sharing with the world makes it all so memorable.

Sneha Manocha (Batch 2018-19) 

There are times when nothing happens, and then there are times when decades happen and two consistent years with TEDxIMTHyderabad team marks the same for me. The second edition of TEDx themed "Speak to Bore" leaves the audience bewildered in comprehending the idea generation and leaves them with a smirk once it's decoded. The event had the likes of celebrity nutritionist, comedian Apurva Gupta and travel blogger. To engage the audience and implantation of ideas was well served. Marking another journey TEDxIMTHyderabad opened the ideas under the umbrella of the imperfect blend, celebrating the imperfections as beautiful and magnificent, leading the audience to reopen experiences of an innocent naughty child. I am eagerly looking forward to next season.

Ritika Bali (Organizer-2017) 

As I go back to that time, I think the pioneering OG team of TEDxIMTHyderabad will always find a special place in the archives of the college’s history. Our theme for the year, ‘Because, we just decided to!’ indeed echoed the idea and thought behind its inception. Now, this also meant no prior experience or knowledge transfer nor any budget allocated as such. So, everything from forming a team, brainstorming, applying for the license, onboarding the speakers, stage prep, pre-event shenanigans to pulling it off with such pizazz was a great learning and nothing short of a dream coming true. To give you a little sneak peek, we used thermocol for the signage, designed origami and a silhouette of Hyderabad’s skyline. We also used wooden crates and fairy lights for stage decor. In short, a whole lot of DIY! But the fact that we supported each other and worked as a team made the entire experience memorable for each one of us. Looking back, all we have are happy, fun memories. Rest, the photos from that day will say it all!

TEDx brings together the community to partake in sharing ideas and understanding the world on a deeper level. We only feel prouder as it keeps getting bigger and better.


Amy Mathews (Organizer- 2017)

Taking this opportunity to look back on the year 2016-17, I'm still amazed that we made TEDxIMTHyderabad happen. You know how? "We just decided to" :)

Initially, I was under the delusion that obtaining the license meant the event would automatically materialize facepalming hard. I am immensely grateful to have been part of a team that tackled everything from sponsorships, contractors, DIY event decor, speakers, invites et al. and aced it. I cannot thank Tulika Ma’am enough for her faith in us and her fierceness in fighting for the team and TEDxIMTHyderabad. It was our baby guys, and it has been a sheer pleasure watching it grow with each batch since.


Manasa Netrakanti (Batch 2017-2018)

TEDxIMTHyderabad is not just some event for our team but carried a different emotion in our hearts.

By coordinating PR and Social Media Activities for the team, I have learnt so much about the act of balancing and having so much fun at the same time! I am so proud to have been a part of OC 2018! I really do miss my team!


I really wish OC 2020 the best of luck!


Mangal Pandey (Batch 2017-2018)

The big picture was a collective effort made by each one of the core and junior members.  

Sleepless nights and tiring days, that's my memory of TEDx. But it was all worth it. Because every one of those tedious activities led to a beautiful event which to date, happens to be a major milestone in my life. It wouldn't have been the same without the team and I'd give anything to relive those moments again!

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