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Over the years, TED also has grown to serve as a safe haven for ideas and people to strive upwards and aim for their goals. To continue on this journey towards greater glory, we present to you the most sought after event of our institute - TEDxIMTHyderabad 2023.

Exemplifying the notion of "Excelsior" - Upward and forward to greater glory! throughout his life, Stan Lee was known for his unrelenting imagination, pioneering energy, and heroic work ethics.


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Tushar Tyagi

A film director and  holds a degree in Directing and Filmmaking from New York Film Academy. His well-known works include A lullaby for Yellow Roses, Father's Footsteps, Laali, and many more.

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Patruni C Sastry

A Hyderabad-based Drag artist who advocates for the representation of the LGBTQ+ community in Indian society. He believes that Drag queens are the protectors of the universe, citing a mythological reference of how God Vishnu turned into a Diva to protect the universe.

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Kalyani Potekar

Hailing from Dewas, Madhya Pradesh, Kalyani is a skilled professional motorcycle racer with an exciting 13-year riding background. She creates engaging vlogs and has cultivated a strong YouTube community.

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Dar Gai

 An India-based Ukrainian director, screenwriter and producer. She is best known for her work on the films Teen Aur Aadha and Namdev Bhau: In Search of Silence

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Santanu Hazarika

A multidisciplinary visual artist and engineering dropout, he followed his passion and carved himself a seat at the zenith of the world of doodle art. Crowned the best doodle artist* at the Red Bull Doodle World Art competition

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Karun Kandoi

The Chief Experience Officer of Applyboard is skilled in creating and expanding businesses. He established "FOCUS" an academy for spoken English and personality development.

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Ganesh Vanare

He's a Mumbaikar, and by exploring the streets of Mumbai, he explored his passion for photography. Today with more than 7 lakh followers on social media, he has built a community of visionaries through his loving lenses.

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