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IMT Hyderabad concludes the 6th edition of TEDxIMTHyderabad



The TEDX-IMTHYDERABAD 2023 event organized by IMT Hyderabad was an inspiring, uplifting, and enlightening experience for all attendees. The theme of the event, "Excelsior," which means "onwards and upwards," set the tone for the day as the speakers shared their personal journeys of how they overcame obstacles and achieved success through perseverance and determination.

The first speaker, Tushar Tyagi, is an award-winning filmmaker who shared his journey from being perceived as the "weird guy" in school to finding solace in storytelling and eventually winning multiple awards and numerous praises. He accentuated the importance of following one's passion and dreams and not giving up, even when the path is stumbling.

Santanu Hazarika, an accomplished doodle artist, spoke about how his background in Guwahati fuelled his passion for visual art and his love for comic books, which led him to win a global doodle art competition. He also emphasized that it's important to remember that the art, not the artist, is the story's protagonist.

The next speaker, Mr. Karun Kandoi, an ed-tech entrepreneur, shared his story of leaving a well-settled corporate job to start his own educational center, training over 200,000 students in a year. He emphasized that education is a mode of transportation, a medium towards a better tomorrow.

The interval featured a soulful sitar performance by the city's famed classical artist Durga Mythreyee. She infused her unique style into well-known songs from the past, including "Zara Zara," "Srivalli," "Ganesh Vandana," "Param Sundari," and others.

After the break, Ganesh Vanare, a well-established and humble photographer from Mumbai, shared how Instagram has become a boon for exhibiting his passion. He emphasized the importance of consistency in following one's passion. He also shared his story, through which he showed us that photos are not just photos but a way to tell stories that goes around us unnoticed.

Kalyani Potekar, India's fastest female biker, shared her journey of pursuing her love for riding despite the difficulties and friction she faced from society. She emphasized the importance of living one's life, not just existing. She also highlighted the importance of happiness and peacefulness in one's life.

The final speaker for the day, Patruni Sastry, a tranimal drag artist and an essential member of the nation's LGBTQ community, spoke valiantly for her community, addressing the hypocrisy in our moral standards and emphasizing the importance of acceptance and equality. She finished her talk with a beautiful song. 

The speakers shared their personal stories and experiences throughout the event, highlighting the importance of following one's passion and persevering through challenges. The event featured inspiring speakers and a classical artist Durga Mythreyee, who added to the overall positive and uplifting atmosphere of the event.

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