IMT Hyderabad concludes the 5th edition of TEDxIMTHyderabad

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Hyderabad, 12 February 2022: Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad organized its fifth edition of TEDxIMTHyderabad. This is the second time that the event was conducted in digital mode. The theme presented this year was “Velarium – a canopy of ideas.” In dedication to the canopy of ideas that the TED platform has created over the years, the speakers of this year presented to the audience a deep dive into what it means to be a human in today’s society.


"If you want to be on top then grab the first opportunity you get and ace it," said Sharad Kumar, the Arjuna Awardee paralympian. To be a human is to face every challenge thrown at us with all our strength, and Sharad talked about how he spent all his life doing that till he reached the very top of his field. An inspiration to everyone, Sharad recalled the highs and lows of his personal and professional life and how he moved ahead with perseverance to reach success in his endeavors.


“When you think in a positive way, positivity follows,” How do our perceptions change our judgments of the world and opportunities around us? Vaibhav Pande, the CEO of Twin Win, talked about how using our power of perception, we can create opportunities for us and the ideas we have in us to change the world. Whether it is in the corporate world or our social life, Mr. Pande discussed how our “nazariya” can help us become the best version of ourselves everyday.


How do we keep moving ahead in life, even when it throws the worst possible circumstances on your path? “I decided to give life another shot, that is what living is, to move on,” spoke Sahithi Mannar, a counselor and wellness coach, as she talked about the various misconceptions and misjudgements that survivors of abuse have to deal with. With her words, she showed the audience, as a survivor herself, what it meant to live a life with such trauma, and how she came out of it to help others around the country.


Life is unpredictable, and it can change in the blink of an eye. When it completely changed for the worse for Mr. Rajeev Poddar, a Padma Shree awardee and teacher, got out of this slump to explore the world from his very room, with the help of knowledge. He used today’s stage to talk about how his passion for education built up to the point that he became an economist. “Kaam karo aisa ki pehchan ban jaye..”, said Mr. Poddar, as he showed the audience how he moved ahead from the lowest low to evolve into the educator he is today.


The first set of speakers were followed by a soulful musical rendition by Mr. Ninad Daithankar, an Ajay Bakshi Smruti Puraskar awardee. He gave the audience an introduction to the Santoor as an instrument and its history in Indian music, followed by a breathtaking rendition and notes on what playing the Santoor means to him. Following his performance, the event welcomed its second set of speakers. 


To be a human in today’s world is to connect across various cultures and appreciate the joy that food brings to them. Starting with beautiful words about the power of food from Anthony Bourdain, Mr. Anubhav Sapra, the founder of “Delhi Food Walks” and a food blogger spoke about growing up in the midst of different communities, and how it gave birth to his love and passion for eating and discovering food, and the gaps it bridges in our cultures. Mr. Sapra talked about the evolution of “eating out” and street foods across the country, and how he decided to present this evolution to the world with his blog and YouTube channel.


“A step by step guide to finding your passion” – next up, Mr. Sahil Pruthi, founder, Keto India, gave the audience a glimpse into how his search for a passion led him to Shark Tank and excellent funding for his venture. An engineer, an actor, an entrepreneur - Mr. Pruthi took up various roles in his life to come to an important lesson he shared - more than passion, it is the combination of our skills which make us the best versions of ourselves.


A technical mind with an artistic heart — Sherlin Seth, Femina Miss India Tamil Nadu, model, and actor took the stage to talk about how her discovery for a passion of acting and modeling led her to realize that our academics may not define what we end up doing in our lives. Beating all odds, Sherlin let her passion drive her and help her reach new heights in her life, inspiring the audience with her story – “Anybody can be anything as long as they put their mind and heart to it.”.


The event concluded with a vote of thanks by the organizers from the TEDx committee. With awe-inspiring words from each of the speakers, the event was able to stay true to its theme by bringing a unique set of ideas that the audience could learn so much from. The event was officially closed, having left all its attendees with ideas that could inspire and comfort them for years to come.