About TEDxIMTHyderabad

It is an event that encompasses the true essence of IMT Hyderabad: Technology, Entertainment, and Design. From thought-provoking talks to inspirational profiles, it entails a broad spectrum of brilliantly designed experiences inspired by our speakers' works to widen the audience's perspectives. Our live speakers, ted talks, and videos camouflage many topics that have piqued young minds' interest by increasing the ambit of their knowledge. The event witnesses insightful expressions and stories from around the globe- delivering several world-class solutions to pressing issues and experiences speaking tales of enlightenment and learning.

About TEDx

TEDx events are a gathering where live TED-like talks and performances are shared with the community. Events that are entirely planned and coordinated independently, on a community basis.  It is an amalgamation of short, carefully prepared talks and performances focused on a particular idea and intend to foster learning, inspiration and provoke conversations that matter. The purpose is to create sparks in the listener's mind, which ensure curiosity, over generations in the community.

Meet Our Organizing Committee

Tulika Sharma

Sanjana Satapathy

Vipul Prakash Singh

Mayank Khanna
Design and Visual Communications

Urvi Agarwal
Design and Visual Communications

Abrar Ali Khan
Brand Communication and Curation

Pratiksha Mishra
Brand Communication and Curation

Sarthak Bhatia
Design and Visual Communications

Peehooseema Ved
Design and Visual Communications

Aishwarya Sahai
Brand Communication and Curation

Muskan Nankani
Brand Communication and Curation

Madhav Kothari
Business Planning and Development

Ayush Agarwal
Business Planning and Development

Shreyansh Sethia
Business Planning and Development

Siddharth Singh
Business Planning and Development


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