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Eons ago, a Velarium stood over the Colosseum, bringing people together for years to come. Centuries later, in the year 1984, TEDx laid its awning over the world, bringing together ideas, thoughts and experiences. After four successful events, we at TEDxIMTHyderabad, have decided to celebrate this canopy of ideas for our fifth year. At "Velarium", we bring to you a canopy of our own - with diverse stories meant to inspire, comfort, and bring people together in a shelter of ideas.

What does it mean to be a human in today's world? How do we leave behind everything that limits our reach, and expand our horizons? Take a deep dive with us, into ideas that help us explore unique facets of the humans of today. Join us to witness a diverse range of challenging themes that focus on the questions that drive our existence. On 12 February, we'll welcome you to our own "Velarium".


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Sharad Kumar

Arjuna Awardee para-Olympian, walked us through his life hurdles which made history in champions' books by breaking a 12-year-old record at the 2014 ASIAN Para Games, which led him worldwide recognition.

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Vaibhav Pande

An entrepreneur by profession and an Engineer by degree, Mr. Vaibhav Pande, the co-founder of Twin Win, motivated us with his speech full of energy and aura.

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Anubhav Sapra

The Passionate food blogger with his platform ‘Delhi food walks’ took us through his voyage on how food imbibes the values of a society and helped him grow as a person.

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Rajeev Poddar

Alongside all his achievements, It is truly heartwarming to witness the kind of enthusiasm that Rajeev Poddar possesses, for his life story can break even the greatest of human spirits.

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Dar Gai

 An India-based Ukrainian director, screenwriter and producer. She is best known for her work on the films Teen Aur Aadha and Namdev Bhau: In Search of Silence

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Vicky Roy

A rag picker in Delhi, to a dishwasher in a street restaurant, to the world-renowned photographer, to an activist and motivator, to be honoured in Forbes, to a documentary maker, Vicky has seen all colors of life. He portrays his journey as a series of pictures he clicked over the years

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Sahithi Mannar

A child survivor of repeated sexual abuse, she talks about those tragic instances, and journey towards recovery, about how she finally found the solace she long searched for in a therapist, and her path to a better tomorrow.

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Sahil Pruthi

At TEDxIMTHyderabad, Sahil Pruthi shares with us his journey about how we tend to follow paths in life that lead towards passion and brings to us six important lessons to learn during the process.

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Sherlin Seth

 Femina Miss India Tamil Nadu, an engineer turned model and actor, spoke about discovering her passion for acting. Modeling taught her that our academics don't always dictate what we do in life. She is still in her twenties, a stunning combination of beauty and intelligence. 

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