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The Imperfect Blend

Think of baking a lovely cake! We need the right measure of all ingredients, which are put together to create something spectacular. We often hear terms such as, ‘the right mix’, ‘the perfect balance’, and ‘correct proportions.’ We’re taught to mix it in a certain way and keep it at the perfect temperature for the most successful result. Agree?

Now, think of eating this cake that you’ve baked. You may take a small bite owing to a diet, a larger bite if you’re simply hungry, and deeply indulge yourself in that cake tasting if just the taste is your key takeaway. There is never a right proportion or mix to that, is there? You choose what you want, the way you want it and sometimes you let some decisions move out of your control.

We humans live in an amalgamation of the elements that

create our life. We can never fix a ratio to the things we carry with us. There is no ‘perfection’ that we can achieve in creating a mix that every individual can live by. What may seem perfect to you, may not seem perfect to another. Perceptions, truly matter.

TEDxIMTHyderabad explores to rediscover the idea of ‘perfect’ that we carry in our minds, paint a blank canvas with colours from different and unique walks of life and offer a platter to you; where YOU- the listener, the learner, the spectator- take back what is perfect for you from a variety of speakers. Open your minds to a world where your perception rules. Look at another’s ideas with your idiosyncratic thoughts. Let THE IMPERFECT BLEND leave you thinking about breaking the mirage of ‘balance’. After all, the great minds are ones that accepted and opened up to the possibilities that world’s perfect imperfections offer.


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Dar Gai

 An India-based Ukrainian director, screenwriter and producer. She is best known for her work on the films Teen Aur Aadha and Namdev Bhau: In Search of Silence

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Nabila Jamshed

A humanitarian, public speaker, and the author of the fantasy novel Wish Upon A Time - The Legendary Scimitar. She has delivered 7 TEDx talks and currently works with the United Nations.

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Rahul Tyagi

A post-graduate with majors in Computer Science who has conducted to his account, more than a hundred training sessions globally in past 6 years.

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Amarpreet Singh

Khalsa Aid's Director in India since 2014, has been appointed as the new Asia-Pacific Director. Amarpreet has shown exceptional leadership qualities in developing Khalsa Aid in India.

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Riddhi & Siddhi Mapxencar

Riddhi and Siddhi Maxpencar are the owners of the label MaxpencaRS. It was selected for the Genext category of "Lakme Fashion Week"

in 2010. 

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Pawandeep Singh

A volunteer from Khalsa Aid who is a living testament to strength and perseverance. His story of determination and faith even after being a part of a very tragic airplane crash is truly inspiring. 

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