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We are the generation of a race that is bridled by the tenets of standardization. We drive on the readiness to evolve with the insight of yin-yang. Humans have their penchant to explore, to be the best in where they stand. Soon the exploration comes to a halt, and a feasible solution presents itself. Then, we discover. The power of discovery brings us forward to color the world in the shades we wish to see it in today. The pitstops of discovery make us want to imbibe our one perfect idea. But to transform, what was to what can be, we must be aware of its repercussions.

TEDxIMTHYDERABAD presents the journey that involves stories built on the rubbles of the past and societal deviations and have the vision to normalize these aberrations. We celebrate them who convey the importance of E.D.I.T. in perceiving, surviving, and acing in this metamorphosed world.


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Kanishk Priyadarshi

He is an actor, aspirant and cinephile who is expressive & meticulous at his art. Known for his comic skills, He has become an internet sensation in today's world

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Sri Priyatham

 Famous for his caricatures. From working for corporates to associating with Netflix for Stranger things 3,  he is someone who can relate with everyone through his artwork

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Shreyas Bajoria

Shreyas Bajoria is a 24-year-old social change-maker and one of the youngest published researchers and is also a Global Shaper

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Magandeep Singh

 India's first French-certified sommelier, a TV show host, award-winning author, and lifestyle columnist. Author of two books on beverages – 'Wine Wisdom' and 'The Indian Spirit'.

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Dar Gai

 An India-based Ukrainian director, screenwriter and producer. She is best known for her work on the films Teen Aur Aadha and Namdev Bhau: In Search of Silence

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Amit Khatri

Co-founded of Noise which has become India’s No.1 smart wearables brand under his leadership. His vast experience in designing and operations makes him a thought leader for the up and coming tech-driven world.

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Raina Raonta

A Social Media Manager and Video Producer at SheThePeople TV, along with having her own show there called Point Toh Hai.

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Faisal Khan

India’s biggest automobile social media influencer and the face behind Motorbeam & an MBA graduate, he harbors a passion for automobiles 

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Sashi Cheliah

Winner of MasterChef Australia 2018. He is an adrenaline junkie. It was his love for adventure that made him join the military. Currently, he owns a restaurant called 'Gaja By Sashi'  which is known for its Asian cuisine.

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