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Speak to Bore

While the first edition of TEDx was a super hit, we naturally wanted to surpass it and make the second one even better. And how could we do that? By leveraging our experiences and putting forth what had worked the best?

So, we sat in the classroom (the same one as last year; it has its eerie mojo that has grown on us) and brainstormed for hours at end, in between sessions, after lectures and assignments, on the weekends. We played and thought hard. Connected some dots and left out many, drawing clues from half-complete sentences, random words thrown about here and there, and went back to introspecting, what mattered to us, the most.

And in this process, we slowly realized that one thing that did, to all of us, was language - the ability to communicate and understand, to hear and be heard, like the patient listening we were doing then.

We concurred that language is the key to experiencing something meaningful together and how we wield the power of words, speaks a lot on our behalf - who we are in our paradigm, and the energy we radiate. It is a road map that tells where people are coming from and where they're going to.

"Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides."

- Rita Mae Brown

We believe in creation and inception. We believe in the language of courage and compassion; in those words when spoken, bore in one's heart and mind and not bore one's heart and mind. Your interpretation is your drive.

And thus, began our journey of searching for people who have added the extra to the ordinary, who know what it truly means to embrace the language of shared humanism.


Anjali Hooda.jpg

Anjali Hooda

A celebrity nutritionist, being a doctor, she believes that first-line therapy has to be food and lifestyle for anyone. 

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Appurv Gupta.jpg

Appurv Gupta

Ranked second in the 'Top 20 Indian Stand-up comedians' in 2014, by CNN-IBN and shortlisted in the Forbes India 100 nominees list in 2015; Appurv Gupta has made a mark for himself in the stand-up comedy industry. 

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supriya sehgal.jpg

Supriya Sehgal

A Delhi based travel writer and editor with words in over 40 books for Lonely Planet guidebooks, Outlook, Times, Roli and state tourism boards.

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Dr. K. Jyothirmayi.jpg

Dr. K. Jyothirmayi

A Neuro Psychiatrist (Gold Medalist), Therapist & ex-Civil Assistant Surgeon based in Hyderabad. 

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