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What Nobody Told You About Happiness

Happiness is a topic that has fascinated philosophers, scientists, and dreamers for centuries. We’re all searching, but what if I told you there’s much more fun than meeting the eye? Let's look at Saisha Srivastava's TEDx Talk. In this blog, we will dive deep into what are the often-overlooked aspects of happiness, drawing on personal experience and the wisdom of those who have walked this path.

She tells us that happiness is not a destination but a state of mind. It is not something we can have or seek; It’s something we can create within ourselves. Outside circumstances can affect our emotions, but true happiness is an inside job. We can associate happiness with major life events like Graduation, marriage, and promotion. But, as we have discovered, true happiness is found in the small, everyday moments. The morning sunshine makes your face glow, a friend’s smile, or the taste of your favorite meal. Embrace these moments, and you will find happiness sprinkled throughout your life. Appreciation is a key component. It gives appreciation like a powerful force for happiness. We can count our blessings daily, no matter how small they seem. It’s amazing how this simple act can change your perspective and help you find happiness in unexpected places. The most valuable lesson we can learn is the importance of human relationships. Happiness is closely related to our good relationships. Whether it’s spending time with family, nurturing friendships, or building new relationships, the relationships we share with others profoundly impact our overall well-being. Happiness is not simply the satisfaction of pleasure; It’s about making sense of what we do. If we align our actions with my values and contribute to a cause bigger than myself, we deeply understand satisfaction and joy. In my quest for happiness, I have also learned the importance of accepting imperfections in myself and the world.

Perfection is an unattainable goal; Examining it day after day can be frustrating. True happiness comes when we learn to accept and love ourselves and the world for what it is. Self-care is not selfish but the need to be happy. We know that bubble baths and spa days aren’t the only way to pamper themselves (although those can be amazing). That includes setting boundaries, being compassionate with us, and keeping our bodies and minds strong.

The pursuit of happiness is a lifelong journey and a deeply personal path. Through my experiences and accumulated wisdom, We have learned that happiness is not a fixed destination but a dynamic, constantly changing state.

It’s about enjoying the little things, being grateful, making connections, and living a life that makes sense.

So, take these lessons to heart and make your journey to happiness as satisfying and enlightening as you can.


Surabhi Jalan

Batch 2023-25

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