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Just Wing It : A Story of Inspiration

Pawandeep Singh, one of the youngest Pilot Instructors, exemplifies courage and dedication. Unfortunately, in November 2014, he was injured during training and lost his ability to walk freely. Despite severe spinal injuries and doctors' advice to begin using a wheelchair, he was determined not to use one, and after 18 months and 11 surgeries, he could walk on is own using canes.

However, the injury not only changed his life physically but also devastated his work and social life, leaving him with no savings. He realized he'd never be able to fly again. But, after so many mishaps, he refused to stop, saying, "I don't want people to associate me with someone who quit." In 2017, he passed the CAT exam and joined IIM Indore. There, he became the coordinator of the Student Activity Cell and completed an internship with one of the most prominent airlines in the business, for which he was recognized by the Dean and the firm for his impressive work.

Following his MBA, he joined his family firm and helped it grow to new heights in three states. In addition to owning the business, he is one of the most active volunteers at Khalsa Aid. He feels that giving back to society is one of the hidden ingredients of true happiness that most of us lack.

His narrative of perseverance and faith, despite being affected by a catastrophic plane crash, is very motivating and enlightens the audience on the reality that it is the will that keeps us going and helps us reach our goals despite obstacles.


Somesh Khandelwal

Batch 2022-24

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