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How to Gain Control of Your Free Time

I have a question for you all. We have 24 hours a day, but do we know how to use our time efficiently? Well, the answer is as simple as it looks; we don’t. We fail to understand the luxury of time, so let’s try to understand this better. We present Laura Vanderkam's compelling TED talk on "How to Gain Control of Your Free Time," which will help us understand efficient time management techniques. As a renowned author and productivity expert, Vanderkam challenges the conventional wisdom surrounding time and offers insights to help us take charge of our most valuable resource. Inspired by the insights shared in her talk, we must reclaim control of our most precious resource: time.

Laura Vanderkam TED talk

Something that we always say: “I don’t have time.” As lame as it sounds, that’s our go-to mantra for debunking the concept that "it's not a priority." These simple changes will help us confront the choices we make daily. Her idea of emphasizing the power of language is something that doesn’t fail to grab attention and interests me enough to dig deeper into her TED talk.

The key takeaway from her TED talk revolves around the concept of prioritizing our time and keeping track of it. By keeping a record of how we spend our time, we can gain a clear understanding of where our time is truly spent and identify the areas we need to work on.

She encourages us to fix time as per our priorities, whether it is personal goals, family time, or self-care, and allocate our time in a way that resonates with our values. This will help us build a balanced and fulfilling life.

Vanderkam rubs off the myth that being busy is equivalent to success. Question yourself about whether being busy is helping you to be genuinely happy or not. By redefining success with our values, we can break free from these norms.

In conclusion, Laura Vanderkam’s talk about gaining control of your time serves as a wake-up call to check how we utilize the most important resource, which is “time”. By considering a mindful approach to time management, we can break free from the norms of being busy and have a better life that aligns with our prime priorities.

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