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The Skill of Self Confidence

Our confidence tends to plummet during these dark times. We pause and question ourselves. We forget who we are and what we are supposed to be doing, and it affects every part of our lives and work.

Dr. Ivan Joseph, former Ryerson University soccer coach, discusses the skill of self-confidence in this TEDx Talk. As stated in the title, he refers to self-confidence as a skill that can be developed. The keys to learn the skill are Repetition, Self-Affirmation, Getting away from the people who tears you down, Acknowledging what's good and Getting Feedbacks. Taking examples of famous personalities like Muhammad Ali and his slogan “I am the greatest”, he explained each method.

He describes how repetition is essential for learning - if you practise something repeatedly, you will learn what you need to know, and self-confidence will follow. Continue to try. Accept no failure.

And stop convincing yourself that you can't do something. You must clear your mind of all negative thoughts and truly believe that you can attain your goals.

For others, catching them in their high moods and not putting them down when something unpleasant happens can give them confidence they would not have had if you pointed out all the flaws in what they are attempting to accomplish.


Ansh Sharma

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