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How to make stress your FRIEND!

Hello, fellow university fighters! Today, I want to relate a personal story that has entirely changed how I perceive stress, and it all started with Kelly McGonigal's game-changing TED Talk titled "How to Make Stress Your Friend."

Imagine the following scenario: deadlines looming, examinations approaching, and the continual push to achieve in all aspects of campus life. Stress was my daily companion and seemed like the enemy until I discovered McGonigal's transforming perspective.

Adopting her perspective on stress was a game-changer in my experience. Initially hesitant, I resolved to change my perspective and see stress as a stimulus for personal growth rather than a detriment. Because of her emphasis on perception, I reframed difficult events as possibilities rather than threats. This shift in viewpoint enabled me to use stress as a tool to improve my focus and energy, allowing me to handle the demands of university life more effectively.

Additionally, she explains the importance of social connection in stress reduction. Inspired by her ideas, I spoke up about my anxieties to friends and family. The help I received was invaluable, reassuring me that I wasn't alone in experiencing difficulties. In addition, embracing exercise as a stress-relieving ritual improved my overall well-being. Instead of seeing physical activity as a duty, I came to see it as a beneficial technique to channel stress energy. Stress has not disappeared from my life as a result of these adjustments, but it has become a controllable and motivating factor, making me more robust, focused, and more suited to handle the demands of university.

So, dear reader, here's my challenge to you: the next time worry knocks on your door, don't approach it as an unwelcome guest. Invite it in, get to know it, and learn how to use its power to propel your personal and intellectual success. Believe me when I say that it can make all the difference in the world. On this academic voyage, embrace the problems, learn from them, and make stress your friend!

When you embrace stress, you can transform fear into courage, isolation into connection, and suffering into meaning.


Arunima Das

Batch 2023-2025

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