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First Five of TEDxIMTHyderabad

We at TEDxIMTHyderabad are celebrating our five years in perfect amalgamation of Technology, Entertainment, and Design.

From getting our first license to embarking a new arena in the pandemic, we hereby standstill safeguarding the continuum of ideas worth spreading.

Here are the few milestones to embrace:

1. Our first TEDx talk - We started our journey with an approach to see and interpret history as we know today with a beautiful talk ‘history beyond facts’. Aloka Parashar Sen talks about the remembered history, where the emphasis was more on interaction than imposition. One can also understand how the history can be seen as a continuous dialogue between the past and the present and between the historian and the facts.

2. Our First Sponsor – A TEDx event is made successful only with the help of our partners who believe in the idea of transforming lives. Till date we have had twelve sponsors but the first ones will always be special to us. We thank Karvy who are supporting us since the beginning.

3. Our First Webinar Series – We started Layers during the pandemic year to dive us more across the ideas and opinions. Both the seasons introduced us to different perspectives of work and world with speakers such as Monica Dogra, Garima Avtar, Suhas Kataria, Anant Sanjeev Doogar.

4. Our First Viral TEDx talk – Appurv Gupta, the stand up comedian, in his debut TEDx talk at TEDxIMTHyderabad garnered 35K views. He talked about his journey as a stand-up comedian despite certain challenges, that he turned around, to make them his strengths.

His striving towards self-improvement, taking one step at a time and finally doing what he loves to do, confirms the saying, "love what you do, do what you love".

5. Our first online event – The pandemic has created huge hassle around the globe with a sudden shift towards digital platform. The economy was shaking and so was the country. With increasing constraints Chapter 2020 ‘E.D.I.T.’ was also conducted digitally. The challenge was first of it’s kind and never seen before. Yet we managed to conduct a successful event.

We are looking forward to more years of togetherness and exploring ideas in



Aditi Kushwaha

Batch 2021-23

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