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Depression, the secret we share

Mental health, particularly depression, has long been disguised in secrecy and stigma. We may not have experienced emotions like depression firsthand, but we would have heard about it but may not know what exactly it is about, so let’s shed some light on this very sensitive topic. For which I recently came across Andrew Solomon's masterpiece,

"Depression, the Secret We Share." This profound exploration of depression not only enlightened me but also inspired us to reflect on the human condition and the often-hidden struggles we face.

His TED talk starts by recognizing the spark of Depression. The title itself resonated deeply. Depression is often seen as a personal problem and is framed as a shared experience and a secret many carry but in silence. This resonates deeply with us because, despite not having personal experience, we still have access to vast amounts of data on the prevalence of depression. The idea that this "secret" affects countless individuals sparked a desire to dive deeper.

He also narrates his own struggles with depression, which offers a raw and honest glimpse into the depths of this illness. His journey from falling to recovery challenged the simplicity of depression often seen in the media. It highlighted the complexity of the experience and the immense strength required to navigate its challenges.

He tells us to challenge misconceptions and encourages us to have an open conversation about the same. He said to have more empathy towards the one dealing with such issues. And try to spread awareness about Depression among each other’s.

He also talks about the experiences of individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This broader perspective shattered the myth of depression being a homogenous experience. It provides us with different ways illness manifests and the unique challenges different communities face. Solomon's TED talk is a beacon of hope for those who struggle and a call to action for all of us to confront the stigma surrounding mental illness.

By talking about such a sensitive topic, Solomon encourages us to have an open conversation and remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues. He encourages us to seek help and have communities that will offer help to the ones who will need their support. He tells us to embrace the message of empathy, lift the veil of secrecy that shrouds depression, and shine a light on the resilience and strength of those who deal with it daily.

Depression is, in the first instance, a disease of the self. It is about feeling worthless, incapable, and unloved. It is about believing that life is meaningless and there is no point in going on.


Surabhi Jalan

Batch 2023-2025

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