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The reality that nature seems to be hinting towards, through its elements, focus majorily on how life is defined in different Layers. Human life is defined by the Layers of personal, professional, social, and overlapping grey areas that are subject to perception. Since the advent of the new decade, a challenge has posed itself. It has shivered the human race to its premise. The cause struck when humans weren’t attuned to facing adversaries of such an order. The effect that followed was a series of mundane episodes that have resulted in the loss of enriching human interaction.

As agents of cultivating inquisitiveness and harnessing knowledge, we realize that the need of the hour is to lift the veil and keep the conversation alive.

The idea behind this virtual tête-à-tête is to spread knowledge about myriads of topics that focus on the different Layers of ambition, knowledge, career, et cetera, that intrigue members of the community and boost their knowledge of a field.



Suhas Kataria

A life member of the Screenwriter's Association, Mumbai,

a SEO expert and a luxury real estate broker.

This CEO, of, is truly a man of many hats.

"Luxury is so subjective.

For some, the smooth flowing of a pen can be luxury and for another, a shiny branded car."

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Anant Sanjeev Doogar

The founder of the start-up

The Nile Mile
a sports event management company specializing in organizing marathon races in India. To its credit, it is the biggest marathon organizing company in eastern India.

"We are heading from a 'built-to-last' world to a 'built-to adapt' world. So, why not do something you would enjoy working for? "
Why not do something, that you would enjoy working for?"

Check the video out now

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