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NOT OUT : An Ode To Grit & Glory


This is a phrase that everyone who is in pursuit of greatness knows or ought to know. It’s all about not giving up. Sharad’s tumultuous journey to glory is a testament to how this “not-out” mindset helped him achieve his goal.

Stars didn’t quite align perfectly for Sharad Kumar. He had setbacks after setbacks along his journey. From battling self-doubt induced by his own family members to prove his innocence in a doping scandal, Sharad had to push forward with a never give up attitude every step of the way. In his Ted Talk, Sharad recalls the low moments in his life when he was on the precipice of giving up. But, luckily he found inspiration in Bhagavat Gita which taught him how to develop a stoic mindset. He also emphasized the point that every bitter experience he had to endure only made him stronger and he urged the audience also to stick to the process no matter how difficult it gets. Set your goal, aim high and consistently work for the set goal; this has been his mantra.

On the whole, Sharad’s story was an emotional ride for the audience. His talk was extra special because it humanized the Arjuna award-winning para-athlete. It made the audience realize the fact that even high achievers had to go through their fair share of trials and tribulations before achieving greatness.


Vigneshwaran L

Batch 22-24

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