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Live for yourself!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Life as we know it, is hard. There are setbacks which people experience on a daily basis and that is not just applicable for just me or you, the one reading this, but for everyone around the globe.

In his Ted Talk, Chetan Bhagat, renowned author, columnist, motivational speaker as well as a Youtuber, talks about his personal experiences where he quit his investment banking job to follow his passion of writing. He illustrates the concept of ditching the term ‘Selfish’ for ‘Self-care’ and presses on the need to love yourself before loving/impressing others. He doesn’t shy away from sharing the intricacies of his life’s journey including severe weight fluctuations during COVID times and societal mockery directed at his unconventional life path where his so called ‘friends’ have questioned.

His talk concludes with one penultimate message for the audience that, the goal is not to stop reaching out to others but to be there to validate yourself and say those motivating words that you want to hear from someone else as they will be more powerful and effective than anything else.


Suditi Prasad

Batch 22-24

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