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Drag Queen Saved The World: Patruni C Sastry

Patruni C Sastry, also known as Suffocated Art Specimen, is an expressionist dancer, folk singer, performance artist, and tranimal drag performer. Patruni narrates a mythological event in which lord Vishnu dresses as a woman to save the world, and then, in the end, he adds, “It’s exaggerated to say that drag queens saved the world,” to follow up with this statement, he talks about dressing up and initiating a conversation and awareness about mental health, period taboo, transgender bill, and LGBTQ+ rights.

His style for drag brings the unique footprints of an anti-art queen. Shedding light on how every time a drag queen dresses and expresses herself, it’s like going through a war where they have to face their own families, politicians, and society on the other end; that’s why his desire to bring empathy in the society towards his drag sisters and the LGBTQ+ community and changing the perspective on how they are seen and treated.

He emphasizes drag as an art that can be utilized for far better reasons and on many more platforms against what it is portrayed and understood to be till now. He sums up by saying that “this is an art form which can transform the world time and time again,”- which loops back to the statement with which he started- drag is an art to inspire, bring awareness, start conversations for a better world and this what Patruni C Sastry does through his performances, art, and expressionism. This talk was given by TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by IMT Hyderabad.



Batch 2023-2025

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